The Wizarding world of Apple

If Apple wasn’t happy enough taking over the world they are now taking over the Wizarding world of Harry Potter

Apple and J.K. Rowling have announced today that exclusive digital editions of the Harry Potter will be available on IBook’s.

 The books will include interactive animations, elaborate artwork and annotions throughout written by the author.

 Custom, exclusive covers for each book in the series, and typefaces will also available.

 Up until now digital editions of the Harry Potter series have only been available through Pottermore, the exclusive Harry Potter site.

 The problem with the digital editions being exclusive to IBook’s not all fans of Harry Potter is that not all have, want or can afford a Mac laptop, computer or IPad.

And Apple these days can now be largely seen as a status symbol.

 With this in mind this may give the Harry Potter series a new lease of life.