Pensioners Fear increase in crime

Neighboured watches come together to express concern about local crime.

A worrying response  a recent survey show members of neighboured watches shows that over 62% of those aged over 70 were too afraid to go out after dark.

The reason they said was fear of being attacked and robbed, this is ecesspicley concerning as it is now getting dark at four o clock at the moment.

The survey also showed that 68% of responders are concerned about having their car being broken into, while 72% were afraid of being burgled.

“Pensioners on this estate are very fearful;” said Gerald Parkins of Lupsham Estate Community Association “skilled workmen would be willing to provide their time free of charge to fit door chains.”

However this may not allay fears of being mugged whilst out of the house and says nothing of crime prevention.

“It highlighted fears of our communities and has allowed us to identify one particular problem where we believe we can help. I hope local business’s will hack us;” said Jeffery Steel of Yeltham Crime Prevention Panel.

Local business is being looked to for help in crime prevention.

Crime rates and fear of an increase in violent crime is an ongoing problem but local neighboured watches are thinking long term.

They are already planning for the future and a permanent solution to these fears and problems.

Chief Inspector Antony Wardell said “Fear of Crime, as distinct from Crime itself, is an important issue because this can impact people’s lives. It is important to allay unnecessary fears.”