Jeremy Corbyn – Against Bombing Syria

As the vote to bomb IS goes ahead aside France and the USA the Labour party is divided. *

The Labour party has been given a free vote in today’s vote and as many as 50 MPs may vote in favour of Air strikes in Syria.

Thousands of protesters, who took to the streets of London against the Strikes, have condemned the move.

Jeremy Corbyn is still against the bombing.

However members of the shadow cabinet, including the shadow foreign sectary will vote in favour.

David Camron has told his MPS not to vote alongside “terrorist sympathises” (maybe the labour leader should sue the PM for defamation.)

The PM has since been asked to apologise for this comment 14 times and has refused.

However Jeremy believes the strikes will lead us into another war similar to that in Iraq and Afghanistan (and clearly does not think much about what happened and why were there.)

Of course air strikes run the risk of human error and may not always hit their direct targets and end up harming innocent civilians.

And this can only make the situation worse and turn not only public opinion against the government but Syrian opinion against us.

And where else would they have to turn but to IS?


*since the writing of this article the vote in favour of Bombing IS went through and airstrikes are taking place