Peterborough Musem

Located in a historic building Peterborough Museum has only been here since the 1940’s.  The permeant displays, especially the changing wildlife of Peterborough (including the discovery of dinosaur bones) and the changing lives of Peterborough People are fascinating. It includes a geology and Ice age section. However, when looking round it was to find the city gallery empty. This was to make way for a new exhibition and can be empty for several days prior to opening. The Tudor exhibition was a let-down, open in one room with a handful of objects, possibly from the Tudor period. Also, the history of Tudor Peterborough around the walls, to be honest the room seemed almost empty with such a small amount.  Great for a one time visit if you don’t know much about Peterborough but not much else. The City Gallery when they have an exhibition is worth a visit.


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