The Vegan Cakery

With the Sugar tax announced in the budget, eating healthy is on the government agenda, but there are those that eating well isn’t just a lifestyle, it is a passion.

The Vegan Cakery, founded in 2012, came about as a result of such a passion.

Michelle, the founder of the Vegan Cakery,  was a vegetarian from her mid-teens and becoming vegan became “my way of life – it’s who I am and what I am,” Michelle explains.  The Vegan Cakery was established in 2012 “Before creating The Vegan Cakery, I had been told how good my vegan cakes were but I’d never really thought about trying to sell them. To be honest, though, we tried a lot of vegan cakes which weren’t enjoyable and that was frustrating as I knew vegan didn’t have to mean, and shouldn’t mean, settling for second of third best,” explains Michelle, showing a gap in the market and the need for good vegan products. In terms of health benefits and being just as bad for you as other cakes “There is no health benefit as such, apart from making people feel happy! There are, though, the obvious benefits to the animals whose lives aren’t taken.  No cake will ever be ‘healthy’ by its nature, but less dairy, no dairy in this case, is obviously good.”


The foundation on which the cakery was built was animal welfare, a personal passion of Michelle’s “As  long as I can remember, I was always concerned about animal welfare and I’ve adored animals since I was very small. Animal issues became more and more important in my life and in 2005, in my early 30s, I eliminated dairy, eggs, honey etc for ethical reasons and became fully vegan.”


The cakery has a highlighted charity of the month “‘Charity of the Month’ is a big part of The Vegan Cakery although it is only the ‘highlighted’ charity each month – I donate to a number of other animal-friendly causes every month too. The Vegan Cakery is totally not-for-profit and I choose not to take a wage in favour of donating as much as I can to worthwhile causes. There isn’t any kind of set criteria for which charities I select, causes which touch my heart will always be looked at and I revisit a number of charities each year which have had a particularly big impact on me,” says Michelle, embodied the ethos of the Cakery.



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