Edward Snowden may no longer be relevant

Amidst protest’s calling for David Camron’s resignation and the so called biggest data leak in history is Edward Snowden fading into the background?

The Panama Papers has been called the biggest data leak in history. Its disclosures have wreaked havoc worldwide with information on public figures and their association with off shore companies and accounts in tax havens such as Panama. The Guardian has called the leak the biggest data leak in history. As a result, Iceland’s Prime Minister has resigned, Brazilian President is threatened with being impeached and protests calling for David Carmen’s resignation.  It took almost a week for David Camron to admit he had interests in his father’s offshore accounts and companies.

One of his many excuses prior to this admission was that it was a private matter. Cue Edward Snowden’s response that David Camron isn’t bothered about anyone else’s privacy.

And there have been the usual call for greater transparency, possibly a legacy of Snowden’s. However, there has been no reference to Snowden and greater transparency of the workings of government is part of the reason for his own leaks. Yet no one has mentioned Snowden by name.  Whilst the Panama papers deal with a massive issue, it is an ethical and moral issue not a legal one. On the other hand, Snowden leaked blatant illegal activity by several governments. Yes the Panama papers may be the biggest  data leak in history however in terms of possible consequences Snowden’s leaks are actually more important as people could have and should have gone to prison.

Now with the head of Her Majesty’s Revenues and Customs under fire, the cry for greater transparency is getting louder.  However does it need to become a legal issue? Of course it should be. But what will it take for Edward Snowden’s call for greater transparency be put into place? Someone in power actually killing someone or one who withheld criminal convictions? Yes greater transparency is Snowden’s legacy however in light of the leak of Panama papers, it looks like the man himself may be starting to be sidelined.


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