Healthy Living meals

Ready meals are quick and cheap alternative to cooking. And for students they are ideal, especially when they first move out on their own with little money. However, there are those in that situation and still want to eat healthy and with supermarkets now having a healthy living ready meals it does seem a step in the right direction. Or is it? I compared two different healthy ready meals and the results were not that surprising. First I tried the Tesco Healthy Living Chicken Tikka Masala and to be honest I wasn’t all that impressed, it was watery and tasteless (which is why they can pass it off as healthy I suppose.) And the portion size was quite big and healthy eating isn’t just about what goes into the food it is about portion size. I also tried the Marks and Spencer chicken jalfrezi with tarka dhal and basmati rice and to be frank I loved it, there wasn’t a huge amount of sauce with a good amount of chicken (unlike the tesco one which had loads of sauce and hardly any chicken.) It wasn’t watery, defintly had taste and had a good kick to it. As far as ready meals go they are not bad but would not consider them healthy at all.


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