Edward Snowden may no longer be relevant

Amidst protest’s calling for David Camron’s resignation and the so called biggest data leak in history is Edward Snowden fading into the background? The Panama Papers has been called the biggest data leak in history. Its disclosures have wreaked havoc worldwide with information on public figures and their association with off shore companies and accounts … More Edward Snowden may no longer be relevant

The Vegan Cakery

With the Sugar tax announced in the budget, eating healthy is on the government agenda, but there are those that eating well isn’t just a lifestyle, it is a passion. The Vegan Cakery, founded in 2012, came about as a result of such a passion. Michelle, the founder of the Vegan Cakery,  was a vegetarian … More The Vegan Cakery

Healthy Living meals

Ready meals are quick and cheap alternative to cooking. And for students they are ideal, especially when they first move out on their own with little money. However, there are those in that situation and still want to eat healthy and with supermarkets now having a healthy living ready meals it does seem a step … More Healthy Living meals