Fitbit – the Review

Are Fitbits the real deal or do they just have a really cleaver marketing department?

Fitbits seem to be all the rage at the moment, with other brands surfacing, and of course I gave in, bought myself one to see what all the hype was about. This should have been the first hint that behind the Fitbit was a very clever marketing campaign, if so it had worked IO really wanted one. So having bought the Fitbit HR (heart rate), at first all I did was charge it and link It to an app on my phone. After a couple of days I began messing about with the app and the fitbit itself, I can track my daily exercise directly from the Fitbit, as-well as tracking steps, stairs, calories, miles and heart rate. At first the heart rate didn’t seem to be that accurate as it seemed to be saying my heart rate was well over a hundred bpm even whilst sitting down, but once I started wearing the strap tighter it became more accurate. Through the app you can set up call alerts, weight loss plan, sleep logs etc. It also shows your daily goals with regards to active minutes steps and calories. To be honest at first all it seemed to be was a glorified pedometer, it does do a lot (half the features I will not even use) and with regards to exercise it does not seem to be shock resistant enough for things like long distance running etc and apparently is not even water proof to go swimming. And unlike other brands cannot even download extra apps for other forms of exercise. Whilst good enough for what I want (just tracking everything it does through the Fitbit itself and I walk to exercise) if you want a watch that does more, I would recommend getting a different brand.



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