I got into a rather heated discussion about food, eating right and the cause of diabetes the  other day. Of cause people are born with diabetes, and people develop it even if they have a good diet. However the leading cause when you develop it later on in life is poor, unhealthy diet. I do believe this. And however much people complain that they can’t afford fresh, healthy foods, frozen fruit and veg is fairly cheap and one bag can last someone like me a month. And it is not just healthy food it is about portion control. I will be the first to admit up until about 10 months ago I didn’t always eat meals and as a result when I did eat it was a big meal.

This discussion got me thinking about my own weight loss. I now eat three square meals a day, with smaller potions and I gradually increased my exercise to the point I have lost over 2 and a half stone in those ten months. So if that isn’t proof eating well and exercise is good for you well……


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