On then off the Bandwagon

Dry January is upon us (hands up if your brave enough to do it) and in the last couple of days it has been insanely cleat ALCHOL IS BAD AND CAN CAUSE CANCER. Everyone knows the danger to your health if you become addicted but it is like if you become addicted to anything it can cause serious health risks. However as it turns out there is no safe limit to drink as it can cause cancer etc etc even in those of us he rarely drink or only in moderation.  As a friend rightly pointed out people have been drink (in moderation) for years with no issues. No one I know has cancer and at least one of these people has at least one glass of wine a day. However with local elections coming up and a referendum on the EU due the issues that appear to be important to the ‘people’ seem to be coming to the forefront. And it is not just alcohol all  over the news.  David Cameron has done a u turn on the sugar tax and the obesity ‘crisis.’ Like it is the governments job to do what parents should be teaching their kids.


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