Xmas is coming to town

Christmas has come to Peterborough and not everyone is happy about it

On Saturday the Christmas lights were switched on In Cathedral Square by Louis Smith.

However there have been grumblings have been heard not just about the cost of the tree (£40,000) but what the tree actually looks like.

This year the tree is a fake and looks like it is made of baubles or as Kay on Facebook said “I thought it resembled a bunch of blown up condoms.”

The general public have been making their opinions clear.

“I do not like this idea of a look-alike Christmas tree. I prefer the old traditional tree,” said Dianne.

“I feel it’s an awful amount of money spent on one item, which isn’t what you call a traditional tree that everyone would like if they’re into Christmas,” said Emma

“The tree looks very pretty, especially in the sunlight. However it is a lot of money to spend on one event which happens for a few weeks every year,” said Julie.

And they have also taken to social media to voice their opinions.

“Get a Proper Tree and Demand a refund,” said Linda on Facebook

And Heathrow Airport seems to be following the fashion and has a tree just like Peterborough’s.

“Heathrow has bubble wrap,” Said Suzy, on Facebook.

“Clearly have as bad taste and as much money to waste as Peterborough then,” Said Andy on Facebook.

“It looks good indoors but not outdoors in the centre,” Lorraine on Facebook.

“A politically correct tree, no star, no emblems of anything real about it,” Tricia on Facebook.




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